Is India expensive to visit?
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Is India expensive to visit?

For some reason, is India expensive to visit is a frequently asked question? The short answer is not at all. However, I will write in detail about how much you can expect to pay. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice on how much money will you need to put aside for your dream trip to this incredible country.

In all honesty, the days of travelling to India on $20 a day are over. I won’t claim that’s still possible just to get clicks. I want to always be honest with my readers. The truth is that like anywhere in the world, the cost of living has dramatically increased. I am willing to bet with anyone who wants to take it that if you ask any Indian, they would agree that just about everything is a good deal more expensive than it was just a few years ago, and I am not a betting man.

So when you ask me is India expensive to visit, I would say absolutely not. However, I will also say you will have to be realistic with your expectations. Please don’t put your daily budget down too low, as this will seriously impact your trip and potentially ruin your experience. I have made my budget too low more than once and in more than one country. The end result is always the same. I am invariably left with a bitter taste in my mouth as I find myself restricted in what I can do to the point it is uncomfortable.

How expensive should it be when comparing things to the value of your trip as a human?

There are few places as stunning in this world like India, and few places offer nearly as good value. For better or for worse, you will never forget your time in this incredible country.

How do I work out my daily budget?

How do I work out my daily budget is a fundamental question and something you are going to want to have a good grip on. How much you decide that should be will greatly dictate the quality of your experience. That is not to say you need to chuck a truckload of money at your trip. However, I think it goes without saying that as a rule, the more money you spend on something, the more of it you can get. Backpacking in India is no different.

I will also say that paradoxically if you go super VIP, you will probably miss out on a lot of the culture that you came to see. Personally, my budget is £30 a day, and I rarely spend it all given my style of travel. Everyone has their own way of travelling the world as no two people see it in the same way.

What it really boils down to is what sort of level of comfort are you accustomed to. For a realistic look at what your money will get you in India, check out my post. After Reading that, you can then go ahead and ask yourself what sort of spend would suit you best. Then I would advise you to check out my post on how to structure your money so You can stay on budget.

Not everything is expensive to visit in India

To be fair, not everything in India costs a lot of money. Entrance into this beautiful building is only a few dollars. The Hawa Mahal has to be one of the most elegant buildings I know of.

How do I travel to India cheaply?

How do I travel to India cheaply has to be one of the most frequently asked questions among travellers? For many of us, money is a big factor, and the odds are that you won’t want to lose more of it than we have to. The most logical way to answer the question is India expensive is to work out what you will be doing and where you will be going.

The riddle doesn’t stop there though. You will need to decide where and when you want to invest your money. Maybe you don’t mind a rundown hotel, but you want something comfortable when you travel. It is all a matter of opinion, and again I have an in-depth blog on Indian transport and getting around the subcontinent. This is well worth checking out to gain an insight into what you get for your buck when you payout for a seat.

In truth, the aim of the game is to have a good plan. If you need information on how to plan a trip to India, please check out my vlog. That’s right; I am also doing youtube now. I’m new there, so let me know what you think when you can, as your feedback is much appreciated.

It won’t only be your chosen level of comfort that will dictate the answer to is India expensive to visit or not. It will also depend on where you are going. Some states are more expensive than others and a hell of a lot more backpacker-friendly.

It will also depend on what so activities you want to be engaging in. If you are simply going to see the sights and maybe get a few souvenirs your daily budget will largely surface. Well, if you have thought it through and been honest with yourself.

If you decide that you want to go on an organised multi-day hike in the Himalayas or learn to dive, your bill will dramatically increase. This money is best accounted for separately and not part of your daily budget. Do you see why having a plan is so important?

India is as expensive as you make it to be.

India is as expensive as you make it to be. This beautiful part of the country is called Jiri, and it is famous for the number of leopards that can be found here. In fact, it is one of the best places in Asia to spot them. As well as the stars of the show, there is also a multitude of other wildlife and a timeless culture to draw you there. Not to mention lots of insanely beautiful landscapes like this. Unfortunately, you can only visit here on an expensive organised trip. The answer to the question is India expensive to visit or not depends on where you go and what you do.

In summary of my post on is India expensive to visit.

It would have been implausible to fit everything you need to know about money in just one blog. For that reason, I have spread all of the relevant information across several blogs. You can read them in bite-sized chunks, and they won’t send you to sleep, I Promise. I have placed the relevant links throughout this post, so please follow them to learn as much as you can. Because educating yourself as much as possible about any challenges, you might face during your big trip will make all the difference.

Money is a huge topic for anyone who plans to travel, and I don’t want to leave any rock unturned. If there happens to be anything I have missed or want to know more about something I have covered, simply drop your questions in the comments box, and I will get back to you.

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