The best 5 traditional goan dishes
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The best 5 traditional goan dishes

It is a safe bet that any post titled the best traditional Goan dishes will be very hard to write indeed with so many awesome choices to consider. One of the biggest joys of visiting this state is the massive and completely unique culinary repertoire. I want to share with you five of my absolute favourites dishes Goa has to offer.

The whole state straddles a particularly beautiful and bountiful stretch of the Arabian sea. It must be a surprise to no one to discover there could hardly be a better place to dine on fresh seafood. Using the incredible treasure trove of local fresh ingredients, chefs in Goa have been able to create dishes that truly stand out in the crowd, so get your palette ready for one hell of a journey. 

Goa is quite unlike anywhere else in the country and that is abundantly evident from the moment you set foot in the state. Here you can find a totally unique everything it seems and the food is no exception.

However, I would implore you to also try the local alcohol if you happen to be someone who enjoys a little tipple. The most popular by far is Feni. It is made from either cashew fruit or palm toddy. The local people are absolutely crazy about this stuff and while it is not for me, I just had to mention it as it seems to be for everyone else. Be forewarned that this stuff is strong enough to take the paint off walls, so mix it unless your plan is to get plastered.

People have been living in this part of the world for an incredibly long time, so the people have been able to really refine their cuisine. What’s more, the Hindus, Christians and Portuguese have all left their marks. Given those two significant contributing factors, time and diversity, you can find some of the most incredible food to be found anywhere on the subcontinent. So let’s take a look at some of the very best traditional Goan dishes around, shall we?

The reason why goan dishes are so good is because of all the fresh ingrediants like the awesome fresh sea food.

I am writing my blog on traditional Goan dishes simply because so many of you will be making a beeline to this fantastic state and for an excellent reason. The fine beaches, elegant cathedrals, vibrant culture and goas incredible lush interior has been drawing travellers from across the globe for decades. Hense me writing this post because Goan food simply can not be overlooked. I want you to get the most out of your time on your trip to India and your culinary journey is all part of it. 

The best five traditional Goan dishes to watch out for

So what are the very best dishes to watch out for in Goa? We simply have to talk about this as the native cuisine is out of this world. It’s not just all sea and sand here. In truth, Goa is so much more.

The sumptuous Goan cuisine is as exotic as its palm-fringed beaches. The smell of spices wafting out of the local kitchens is sure to make your mouths fill with water as you walk past. While this great state has many unique dishes, some stand out more than others and here is my list of the ones you should not pass up the chance to try.

Goan Fish Curry

Fish curry has to be the ultimate traditional goan food


The world-famous Goan fish curry has to be the first on my list of must-tries. It can have a variety of spices in it, but it’s always heavily laced with coconut. Goa is ideal for those of us who do not really like chilli as the food here tends to be comparatively mild yet still intricately spiced. This dish is sold all across the whole state and you will not be able to miss it. 



Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is another of the most traditional dishes in Goa



Chicken Xacuti is my absolute favourite dish to be found in Goa. This Portuguese influenced dish is spicier than most of the others I experienced due to the liberal use of Kashmiri Chillis. I am a massive fan of spicy, so this dish was most certainly for me. It also typically contains poppy seeds that give the dish its unique taste. I wholeheartedly recommend trying this one as it is truly special. 



Pork Vindaloo

Pork vindaloo is by far the most famous traditional dish in the whole of Goa.

Pork vindaloo is simply outstanding! It has to be one of the most well-known curries across the globe, surely? Although it is not generally served with pork outside of Goa. This is also one of the more fiery dishes on offer in this state and as the name suggests, there will also be a vinegar involved in its preparation. The original Goan version of Vindaloo is much more complex in flavour than anything you are likely to try back home, so discovering this dish for yourself is an absolute delight.


 Prawns Xeque Xeque

Prawns xeque xeque is one of the less well known traditional dishes in Goa


Prawns xeque xeque is one of the less well know traditional Goan dishes. It is another coconut and tomato-based curry that’s typical of southern India. However, this one is unique because the masala is added to the prawns then fried with the onion and garlic base. It sounds arbitrary, but in truth, it tastes quite unlike any of the others and again I Wholeheartedly recommend trying it. 



Bebinca is my favourite sweet traditional dish in Goa.

Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert that both the locals and tourists seem to go nuts for. It is the multilayer cake you see in this picture and each layer is baked one by one. It is extremely labour intensive, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. The mix of coconut milk and caramelised sugar feels deeply luxurious and is another must-try while you are in this beautiful state. India has many unique sweets in the country, and while this one is not the most famous, it must surely be one of the most memorable. To be quite honest, it would almost be a crime to visit Goa and not try even one slice. 

In summary of my blog on the best traditional Goan dishes

I think this brief and to the point post has highlighted just how unique the cuisine is in Goa. It has also hopefully given a good set of suggestions on what to look out for. While these are my personal favourites, they are also some pretty safe suggestions as most people seem to enjoy them. So knock yourself out on some of the best cuisines on the whole subcontinent. I am sure you will agree the food here is quite remarkable.

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If you happen to have any more questions on Goan food or anything else regarding India travel, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you. So with that said, I think that’s enough out of me for now, so I will see you in the next post.


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