Things to do in Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

Things to do in Madhya Pradesh

Here is my guide to just three of the best things to do in Madhya Pradesh. This state sees relatively few foreign tourists despite the fact there is so much on offer for those who take the time to come and explore. Ironically many of us will have to pass straight through here on our way to the big show-stopping destinations close by in neighbouring states such as the Taj Mahal or Varanasi.

I have spent a lot of time in this state, and I fell in love with it straight away. I am unable to mention even half of the highlights here in a single post. However, I will go for gold and give you the lowdown of the very best things to do in Madhya Pradesh.

If you are unsure how to plan your perfect trip to India, then feel free to check out my post on how to do that in 5 easy steps. It really is that simple, guys. Just follow my simple step by step guide, and you will be travelling like a pro in no time. I also have a video on that subject for those people who would rather watch something at their convenience. For now, let’s get on with this post and jump straight into what makes this state so damn special, shall we?

Things to do in Madhya Pradesh and places to go.

The artwork of Khajuraho has become iconic worldwide with the Karmasutra. You will find it hard not to be bowled over and how intricate it all is. The strange thing is that the temples are not particularly large. However, every inch is a masterpiece of human creativity. 

Travel to Orchha

With so many historical wonders in India, it is hard to know what to put on your itinerary. However, I can tell you that it is a good idea to fit travel to Orchha in there somewhere. Some areas deserve a lot more attention than they receive, and Orccha is definitely one of those places.

The whole village is fascinating, with historical ruins stretching as far as the eye can see. Underrated and missed by so many, this post on the best things to do in Madhya Pradesh is aimed at changing that. I want my readers to share my joy of visiting this tiny corner of the country and immersing themselves in everything there is on offer.

Sitting on the picturesque banks of the river Betwa, this timeless place captures your attention and fills you with a sense of the exotic. The village makes a simple diversion from your journey to the infinitely more famous erotic temples of Khajuraho nearby. With oodles to see and experience for yourself, why wait? Start planning your own trip here today, and you won’t be sorry.

It won’t just be the elegant Mogul architecture that will keep you entertained. There are countless traditional villages close by to explore and a wealth of natural diversity to take in, including a large number of Indian vultures. The birds seem to like the ruins as much as we do as they make their nests in the rooftops of crumbling grand palaces.

I have visited this town twice now and have spent almost a week both times as I continuously find new things to do here. It is a place where it is easy to lose track of time. It is hard to understand why it does not get more attention? If this sounds like it is for you, then dont hesitate to check out my in-depth post on travel in Orchha.

No1 Budget backpackers guide to Orchha on of the best things to do.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better place anywhere in the country to spend your holiday than Orchha. It is just a short train journey from the forts and palaces of Gwalior.

Travel to Mandu.

I wholeheartedly recommend travel to Mandu as this place has earned a special place in my heart. Lost in the far reaches of Mahendra Pradesh, this little town could keep you entertained for weeks. Mandu was once the centre of a civilisation of Afghan rulers who set up shop here in 1401. The sands of time turned this once thriving epicentre of Mogul rule into the sleepy village it is today.

Astonishingly this place sees few visitors even though the countryside is strewn with monuments and the 25 square kilometre plateau is both dramatic and visually stunning. Punctuated by small tribal villages and bursting with traditional culture, you could find your self staying here for days on end.

When you pull in to town, it is apparent that there is very much here since many of the places of interest are spread out. It is such a shame this place does not appear on many of our itineraries! I want to change that and give this incredible place the attention it so deserves. What’s more, I want to help my readers make the most out of their time as it would be almost a crime to miss out on all the delights this place has to offer.

If you arrive by train from Indore and I think many travellers do. You may have to spend the night then that’s no problem. Indore is a typical Indian city meaning every kind of food ranging from Mcdonalds and a chai latte to top-notch high-quality Indian dishes are available everywhere.

Indore does not have many attractions of its own but if you have to stay a night, take the morning in Lal Bagh Palace. It is a large stately home that gives an air of its former grandeur. It feels like a place where the residence just moved out one day, and nothing was ever moved.

If you are down this way and think it might be for you, then look at my post on travel to Mandu. To be honest, though, it would be a mistake to skip this place if you are in the area as it is awe-inspiring by any bodies standards.

That is just me in Madhya Pradesh.

There is oodles of stunning heritage architecture strewn all over Madhya Pradesh that lay largely empty. Unlike in neighbouring states, you will get all of this largely to yourself. Even in apparently random towns such as Bhopal Ujjain, Omkareshwar or Maherashwar, you will find they are steeped in colourful history, and there are hidden gems everywhere. 

Travel to Khajuraho.

There is an excellent reason to travel to Khajuraho, and that is all the ancient artwork. The erotic and intricate sculptures of Khajuraho are sure to blow your mind. The small group of temples are now a Unesco world heritage site, and quite rightly so. Each tiny temple is carved from top to bottom. They have to be one of the most beautiful examples of art in the ancient world.

Only 25 of the original 85 still survive, and while that seems like a crime of some sort, what remains will still blow your frekin mind. they were constructed between 1050AD and 930AD during the Chandela dynasty. You can find both distinct Hindu and Jain influences in the carvings, but there is a definite theme here, and that’s sex.

People say that the masterpieces that you see in front of you give an insight into the minds of the ancient Indians. If that is the case, it is clear those people were clearly a little racy with scenes of very explicit situations. Definitely some of the oldest porn I know of.


Wildlife is one of the big reasons to visit this state and is one of the very best things to do.

When it comes to discussing things to do in Madhya Pradesh, it pays to know the tiger filled forests of Khana, Panna and Bandhavgarh national park are just a short journey from Khajuraho. If you require a dose of Indian wildlife, you could do a lot worse than visiting any of these national parks. 

In summary of my guide to the best things to do in Madhya Pradesh.

I hope you enjoyed this short post on what’s good in this incredible state. As I said, there are many things to do in Madhya Pradesh, and these are just my absolute favourites. Since your time is likely to be fleeting, it seems the place to start, right? If you want any more information on these or any other destinations, then feel free to ask away. With that said, it’s all over for this time, so that I will see you in the next post.


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