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Mention India to someone, and their mind tends to fill with exotic thoughts. Visions of rich culture, spices and spirituality, will all spring to mind. I started a Travel India blog because this incredible country has always called to me. I first came here in 1994, when I was only 14. I came with my school to work as a volunteer in a village that was deep in rural Kerala.

That village had previously been hit with a bout of Lepracy, and despite the fact, the people had all been treated by the time I arrived a lot of damage had been done. As some of you know, Lepracy or Hansen’s disease is caused by a slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium Leprae and was once a major problem worldwide. Today it is easily treated with antibiotics if they are administered early. However, if left untreated Lepracy can cause nerve damage, crippling of the hands, feet, paralysis, and blindness. Unfortunately, the damage was widespread, and there had been many casualties.

Our job was to help the locals clear the side of their reservoirs so they could irrigate their coconut trees properly again.  Unfortunately, many of the villagers had suffered severe disabilities, so they could not do the work for themselves. I had never even seen a fresh coconut at this point and was unaware they were green. We only got the dried up middles in the UK, so I asked my teacher where were are all the brown coconuts? She just looked at me and smiled.

The trip wasn’t all work though. We took canoes through the whimsical backwaters of Kerala and explored the lush tropical beaches. The food was delicious, and I found the intensity of the country to be intoxicating. India has always called to me, and even back then, I knew I would return one day. It took me more than a decade to put my feet on Indian shores again. Since then, I have been coming back again and again.

I have been lucky enough to travel to almost one-third of all the countries on earth. However, it is India that has always captivated me. I have spent almost half a decade travelling in just this one country, and you want to know something? It is a sure bet I will be back again.

Travel India blog

We live in an age where there are a gazillion travel blogs on the internet, and there is a tsunami of advice on how best to organise your trip. I know it can all seem overwhelming when all you want is a little information. I am designing my website to do that without all the faffing. If you would like to find out more about me, then check out my about the author post if you haven’t already. I say this as I want my reader to get to know me and see me as a person. I am not a robot after all. 

Why a travel India blog?

Since I have started this I have repeatedly been asked why have I decided to make a blog, and why about India? Well, travel is my passion, and I love to write. If you are to set up a blog and it be successful, it should surely be about what you truly love. It is like many countries that share just one border. For example, Ladakh is in no way similar to Rajasthan. The People, culture, landscapes, food and wildlife are all radically different. Quite frankly the only similarity between the two is they both use the rupee.

I have been doing this a long time and learning how to travel has been costly, and I have made many painful mistakes. Before I started making this blog, I would meet other travellers on the road and offer them to join me for a few days to show them the ropes. I did this because I had always wished someone would have shown me when I first started, which would have probably saved me a small fortune.

Metting my fellow backpackers while travelling myself only allowed me to offer my help to one or two people at a time. With a blog, I can help many enjoy their travels and get the most out of it, and I find that extremely satisfying.

If I am honest before making a profit, I want people to enjoy themselves. We have all saved hard for our journey, and we invest a lot of time and effort into making our dreams a reality. I have saved up many times, so I know what it is all about. All those weeks waking up on a Monday morning and dragging yourself to work only to not spend anything on payday. That long grind involves a lot of discipline, so its only natural for that person to want to maximise the rewards.

It no wonder i have decided to make an India travel blog

Unfortunately, many people associate the country with poverty and pollution. I’m not going even to bother trying to deceive you there is plenty of both of them, but there is so much more to this country. You dont even need to scratch under the surface to find a world of rich culture and friendly locals. A visit to India is nothing short of food for the soul. 

What can you expect from this blog?

Unlike many blogs out there I won’t write about something that I dont intimately know and have experienced in depth. All my posts are well researched and sincere. You can count on me for good honest advice. I will share all of my best tricks and tips that I have accumulated over the years. I have found them to be reliable repeatedly. It is a tried and tested system that most definitely works.

While everyone’s trip will be different, there will be plenty of ideas you can adapt for yourselves. It pays to read blogs like mine from experienced travellers if you are making your first journey. I think that applies to whatever you do in life, right? I still read other travellers blogs today, although mostly just out of interest. However, I have learned plenty of tricks that I didn’t think off, particularly when using technology to travel.

I am not so young any more, and when I first started backpacking, it was the information in the guidebooks or nothing. Having access to years of information from other travellers makes a very challenging process that much easier. The very first time I decided to make a journey by my self, it felt like I simply haemorrhaged money, and I was scammed numerous times. Hopefully, My blog will be able to help you avoid such situations to some extent at least.

The whole website is split into two sections. On one side you can find travel practicalities where I cover things like staying healthy and budgeting money. On the other, you will find my travel guides. These are in-depth posts on a particular place that stands out to me, which I wholeheartedly recommend. I try to keep them concise and to the point while using a little humour when I can.

I won’t try and cover too much in one post and drag it on for longer than it has to be. You have your day to get on with after all. I see some bloggers who write posts that are more than ten thousand words long! I would imagine most of my readers would probably get bored and not finish it anyway. I cut them into digestible pieces you can read in your own leisure. For example, my post on Old Delhi only covers that area. If I had covered the whole of Delhi in one post, it would have been one epic read. There is a whole lot to do in the nation’s capital, after all.

Here is why I like to blog about Indian wildlife

India is home to 8% of all the species found on earth, making it one of the 12 mega diversity hotspots in the world. With 1301 species of birds, India is an Ornithologists dream. 410 species of mammals can be found here, or 8.86% of all the species found on earth. Including the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, stripped Hyena, Asian Elephant, Bengali Tiger, Snow leopard, common leopard and entire worlds population of Asiatic Lions to name just a few.

What can you expect in the future from my blog?

The first thing you should expect is consistency. I will continually bring you the same style of well researched and no-nonsense honest content. I will not try to cover places I have never actually been. I move very slowly when I travel, so I am able to give you a coherent overview of what to expect. I will only spend a night in a few places, and I won’t be covering them anyway unless they make a useful transit point.

I will also be returning to India often to bring you new information that is up to date. My next trip to India will be in October where I will be going to the North East and Odisha. This part of the country is only now finding its place on the tourist circuit, and it seems to be where many of the more adventurous backpackers want to head. I receive a lot of questions about travel here, and while I have spent probably half a year looking around, I honestly feel like I have seen nothing.

I also want to produce content that’s useful to you, so I am unlikely to cover destinations such as Goa or the Taj Mahal as there are oodles of blogs on them. I will also be making a huge emphasis on how to backpack as well as what to see.

Every journey is different, and that’s part of the beauty of travel. We all see the world through different eyes. However, we all suffer the same challenges to make it happen, and that’s what my blog is all about. Addressing those challenges while at the same time offering a little insight on to the parts that have really captivated me. Like I said everyone’s experience is different and there is no one size fits all model. You might absolutely hate it in the same place I recommend, but at least you will have a good idea of what to expect before you arrive. That can only be a good thing, right?

I have also opened a youtube channel that I will be expanding for those who prefer to watch and listen instead of reading a blog. I will be making documentaries while I am on the road to make things both entertaining and informative. This will be happening as soon as I learn about video editing anyway. It is not an easy skill to pick up if I am honest, but I am learning all the time. I think the bottom line is its a lot of fun for me and useful for you, so it is a win-win situation.

This I why I love India and want to make a blog.

I have said it before, and I will say it again no other country in the world is as vibrant or as colourful as India. Friendly people and beautiful landscapes make travel here magical. I am a happy man whenever I get my brand new visa in my passport.

In summary of my post about my Travel India blog.

Now I have given you an insight into what I am all about. I hope you can see my intentions are sincere. I am here to answer any questions you might have regarding travel to this beautiful country. If you think of any just leave them on the comments section below or email them to me using the address provided.

For more information and maybe a little inspiration on why come to India, please feel free to check out my in-depth post on that. If that’s not enough to fire your imagination, then check out the government website called Incredible India. It is packed full of facts, and it is beautifully written.

The point of this post is to be as transparent as possible and build trust with my readers. I have to say it is not easy to write a blog about writing a blog, but it has been immensely enjoyable for me none the less. I hope you found it an interesting read and found it of value. Well, that’s enough out of me for now and thanks for your time. I will see you again very soon, and take care guys.




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