Travelling in India solo Vs couples.
Planning your trip

Travelling in India solo Vs couples.

Travelling In India has always appealed to me. I don’t know about you, but when I pick a country to go on a long trip the cost of it will be a major contributing factor to my choice. Or is that just me? If this includes you and you have chosen to go to India you can give yourself a massive pat on your back.

India is one of the most affordable countries on the planet, and my god does it give you a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. The most important piece of information I can give is to have a coherent plan. 

In this post Travelling in India solo Vs couples, I will be looking at the pros and cons of how you decide to embark on your adventure of a lifetime. I have tried both ways many times, so I will be able to give some coherent advice on the subject. So read on and discover where you stand on the matter? Everyone is different so let me share with you both the advantages and disadvantages of both. Most importantly, let us look a little at what you can do to save money along the way. Let’s get started.

Travelling in India solo Vs couples is an important question to answer.

For me, one of the significant advantages of travelling alone is you get plenty of time in your own head. This provides the opportunity for you to think about the things you want to change. Or finding your strengths and weaknesses and working on those. There is undoubtedly no less a perfect place to ask those deep questions than in Indias wild spaces. However, if you want to reach these sorts of places you will definitely need a plan. If you do not have one you will waste money and put yourself at risk. To find out how to plan your dream trip in 5 easy steps simply click on the link provided.

Tips on how to travel in India cheaply for single backpackers

Visiting the country alone brings challenges; for example, there is not much difference in the cost of a double room and a single. So if you find someone you trust enough to share a place with, then please do as those cheap guesthouses backpackers used to rely on are almost a thing of the past. As the country progresses into the future they will become even harder to find. Some hotels offer dorms, which is a very economical option in the big cities where it can be hard to get a reasonably priced room.

Permits for restricted areas can be impossible to get your hands on in many places such as Arunachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley and the Millam glacier, to name a few. You won’t fit the minimum criteria. Also, visiting some national parks can cost a fortune alone. So my advice is to take it slow and don’t rush. Wait to find others who are heading in your direction. On the road, you will meet many fellow backpackers, and as a single backpacker, you will need to interact with others a lot more than if you were a couple, but I would imagine many of us would prefer that anyway.

india hold many secrets and travelling here is a subject that needs covering.

As a solo female backpacker, you may sometimes have to spend a little more to preserve your safety, such as a late-night taxi rather than walk. This post is not geared towards that subject, and I have another post, especially for tips for lone female backpackers and staying safe.

Taxis and rickshaws can be expensive. So use public busses as much as possible in the cities. There are often shared rickshaws that are often overcrowded but much cheaper. Airports and train stations tend to be linked by bus, and this can save a lot. But it is essential to leave in plenty of time as buses can take forever. If you are arriving in Dehli, then take the Metro from the airport. It is cheap and Fast. Other cities like Kolcutta and Mumbai have good Metro systems that you can utilise but are not linked to the airports directly.

Tips on how to travel in India cheaply for couples

It is a significant advantage to travel as a couple. Rooms work out cheaper, and you can split the costs of the food bill. A good tip I will put forward is when you arrive at a new destination, order your rickshaw to a public place to avoid touts. It will usually incur a slightly higher price for the fair, and they will try and talk you out of it. But it removes you from a hard sale that will cost you in the long run.

My advice is to find a cafe or a place to sit in the shade while one of you waits with the bags and the other can shop around for the best deals. Booking online costs more in India and you have no idea what you are paying for as often the pictures on websites like do not match what you will be getting. Going in without bags shows you already have a room and, this gives you more bargaining room when talking about the cost.


local places are cheaper in India and should be used when travelling around.

When asking yourself how to travel in India cheaply, the obvious idea is to do things locally. Stay in locally owned guesthouses and take local transport. It is undoubtedly a positive point for you as this is what you came to see after all, and you are supporting local business.

Tips for everyone on saving money in India.

Here are some tips for everyone on saving money in India. Firstly, when talking about how to travel in India cheaply controlling your daily spending is of great importance. Keep a book with your day-to-day costs on it so you can see where you lose money or save it. 

When visiting national parks, you pay by the seat and sometimes, as is the case for Sasan Gir for the whole jeep! It can be costly indeed and travelling in a couple already gives you a little bit of wiggle room. Try and find others to split the costs with and for that to happen, you might have to wait around for a couple of days.

Sometimes you might not find people at all, so weigh the odds up between waiting and just paying out as you still have to consider rent, food and most importantly, your time.

It does not only apply to national parks; it applies to many things. For example, jeeps in the Himalayas can often be shared, but if there are no customers, you will have to pay for every seat if you are two. That is a start, at least.

For information on why it is a good idea to come to India in the first place or for a little inspiration on what you want to do, then check out the government website Incredible India.

Summary of my post Travelling in India solo Vs couples.

As you can see, there are both good points and bad with choosing to travel alone or in a pair. Emotionally it really depends on what you want out of your time away. It is so nice to have someone to share your experiences with. In the same breath, many of us could do with a little self-reflection time. However, financially I would say overall it is better to have someone to share the costs with. Now I know that is not the answer many of you will be looking for, but it is the truth nonetheless.

That about wraps up my article on this matter. If you liked my post Travelling in India solo Vs couples and would like to read some more of my tricks and tips on travel in this fabled country, then my website is full of ideas I have accumulated over the years. With that said, happy trails, my fellow intrepid travellers and see you in the next post 😁

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