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What is Bardia National Park famous for?

Many of us have heard of it, but what is Bardia national park famous for? It certainly breaks up the journey effectively for those of us on the Mahendranagar highway. However, it is more than simply a case of convenience. There are many reasons why this incredible place should feature on your itinerary and in this post, I want to shed some light on that topic.

Bardia is blessed with a staggering natural diversity that has been drawing in wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe. The jungles here boast some of the most impressive megafauna to be found anywhere on the planet, including the Indian elephant and the one-horned rhinoceros, but it is the tigers that make this place world-famous. 

It is one of the only places in Asia that offers the chance to walk among such grand megafauna. The forests are also home to a timeless and welcoming culture. The Tharu people still live alongside the natural world, and meeting the people who call this place home has to be one of the greatest pleasures of visiting.

It can seem a little far away from anywhere if you are not using the highway for another purpose but in this post, I hope to convince you to make your own way here and include it in your next adventure. So without further ado let’s take a look in-depth at what is Bardia national park famous for and then you can see if it is for you or not?

Bardia national park is also famous for its beautiful landscapes.

I think you can see why I come here so often right? The picture you see here was taken in almost the same position as the one above and you can see how radically different they are.

The famous animals of Bardia National park.

The park is located in the far western district of Bardia. It is bordered by the Karnali River in the west and hemmed in by the Churia range in the north. While the Babai River flows right through it and it is along its banks you will find the best chances of spotting wildlife. Bardia was established as a national park in 1988 by the Nepali government and today it is the largest in the terai.

Bardia links on to Banke national park and that creates a corridor for the wildlife. They occupy an area of 555 square miles combined. The Dalla corridor links Bardia even further to Dudwa national park in Utter Pradesh. In a nutshell, this is an enormous tract of the jungle and one you can spend a very long time exploring its wild depths.

The fauna of this national park is staggering with 53 species of mammal recorded. Some are admittedly a little more inconspicuous than others. Animals such as the one-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Elephant, Nilgai, Barking deer and Swamp Deer are quite likely to appear on your Safari. However, the rest is down to chance. There are Sloth Bears, Gangetic Dolphins, Rusty Cats, Fishing Cats, otters and the ever-elusive Leopard floating around there somewhere. Oddly as big as the Sloth bear is, I have never met a single guide who has seen one and all say they live in the mountains where no one goes.

The Bird list is no less impressive at a burley 407 species recorded in the park. The bar-headed geese and the sarus crane are iconic to Bardia. although there are some pretty impressive birds compete within the park. Some of these avian beauties are critically endangered, so this is a critical habitat to preserve. Even if you are not really into birds, you will find it hard to be taken aback by all the wonderful species that will grab your attention.

There are also 25 species of reptiles and amphibians including the incredibly rare gharial. There is an impressive 836 species of flora for the botanists among us for you to indulge in and of cause an unknown number of insects.

It is the tigers are what really makes Bardia national park famous.

Coming face is both an exhilarating and heart-pounding experience. Nothing puts things into perspective better than the realisation that you are not at the top of the food chain. I will be honest with my readers and admit tiger attacks have dramatically increased recently. There are quite a few reasons put forward for this, and here is a link to an interesting article trying to explain the sudden rise of attacks on local people in Bardia national park. I am not going to lie guys, I will certainly go back in and then again. I love the sal forests here but it is only right I mention it. 

The famous tigers of Bardia national park.

The famous tigers of Bardia national park are what really draws the crowds. It is unclear how many there are as no one seems to be abe to agree in the various census that takes place. Let’s say for argument’s sake that the number is increasing every year and they will do as the Nepalese marines have been drafted in to protect them. You would have to be off your rocker to go poaching here as they have to be some of the toughest men alive and this gives the Nepalese tigers a chance to thrive.

Chitwan national park has a lot more tigers in it but they are far less visible. Most jungle walks in Bardia follow paths to vantage points over the Karnali river where you will sit for hours at a time to see if animals come to bath. In Chitwan, it is one epic walk and this greatly lowers your chances of seeing one of earths most stealthiest predators.

What is more jungle walks are done well…… walking! It is all in the title people. While this carries its own fair share of obvious risks it does get you closer to the action. Albeit sometimes a little closer than you are comfortable with. That means there is no noisy car engine and you are free to roam where ever greatly increasing your chances of seeing something. To find out more about jungle walks and staying in Bardia national park simply follow the link.

It is not just tigers that make Bardia national park famous

The elephants you see here are just one of the many species that make this place special. you should definitely plan on more than one walk to be able to take it all in.


The famous people of Bardia national park.

The local people are known as Tharu. Many of the locals still live in a way that seems timeless to an outsider. Many of these people have been moved from inside the park to let the wildlife thrive. Whole communities have had to relocate to the park’s boundaries. There is a mixed sentiment from the Tharu as you can well imagine.

Well, imagine what it is like having these huge animals for neighbours for a start. The Elephants alone cause enormous damage to the crops every year and greatly impact the people. Plus the land they used to collect resources such as fuel and food from is now considered a no go area, which is bound to cause some tension.

I would say the vast bulk of local people still are subsistence farmers, although many have wanted to get in on the tourist bandwagon. Remember that the massive luxurious lodges you see here are from outside investments. If you decide to not go with my suggestion for a place to stay, I will give in the next section remember to stay local if you can and support the community.

Taking a walk through these rural areas are a delight for any visitor and a highlight in itself. The Tharu people are warm and welcoming, and an insight into these people’s lives is certainly an eye-opening experience. I know we all come for the big animals, but culturally this place is extremely vibrant, and unlike Chitwan, the Tharu culture is largely unspoiled.

The birds in Bardia national park also make it famous.

The birds here really captivated me here and I wholeheartedly recommend coming to absorb at least some of the spectacular wildlife yourself.

In summary of my post on what is Bardia national park famous for?

I think it is plain to see why this national park is famous. I have visited here often and I have to say I am in love with the place. You will need to find out how best to get to Bardia national park? For that, I have a whole post so just follow the link for everything you need to know so you can start creating your very own adventure.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it of value. I really wanted to answer the question of what is Bardia national park famous for in great depth. I think what I have done is sufficient for you to make an informed choice as to if this place is for you or not? However, only you can answer that I am only here to inform your choice.



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