What is the famous street food of West Bengal?
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What is the famous street food of West Bengal?

We are about to answer the all-important question of what is the famous street food of West Bengal? Oh, and why is it important I hear you cry? Because travelling our tastebuds is one of the greatest joys of visiting a new country and I think almost everyone would agree with that. India has become synonymous with good food across the world and with good reason. Many of us have heard of the fabled Bengali cuisine, but what is it and what should I order? My blog aims to answer those questions and more.

In all reality, it is hard to define west Bengali food actually is as this long thin state borders Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and is the gateway to the northeast of the country. It starts in the steamy mangroves of the Sundarbans and ends in the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Understandably this has all affected the cuisine and it is no less delicious for it. 

In all fairness, all that diversity has made travelling in this largely underrated state quite extraordinary. I say underrated as almost every tourist who visits West Bengal will only visit Darjeeling and Calcutta. While that is a crying shame, it is also a whole other blog and we are here to talk about what is the famous street food of West Bengal, so here we go.

hygiene is something to think about when thinking where is the best place to get street food in Bengal

I know this seems off-topic for this blog, but trust me when I say this is very relevant. You should definitely lookout for the hygiene of the vendor and his shop before buying anything from anyone. Food poisoning can hamper your travels and seriously damage your health. To find out my best tricks and tips on avoiding the Delhi belly, please follow the link provided.

The five best street foods to look out for in West Bengal

I think simply talking about the five best street foods to look out for in West Bengal is a great place to start. Since the state’s cuisine is so diverse, it makes sense right? Not only does this simplify the subject, but it also highlights the absolute best things to watch out for. With stacks of dishes to choose from, a blog like this big time-saver. So let’s get started, shall we?


Momos are my favorite street food in west bengal


Although momos are not associated with Indian food very much, West Bengal serves some of the best to be found anywhere. That is a big claim since these little things are some of my favourite food period! Momo is a Tibetan dumpling that is has become famous worldwide. They are super tasty and inexpensive. 



Kati Rolls

yet another great street food from West Bengal. The huble Kati roll.


Kati rolls are probably the most famous snack to be found in the state. When asking what the favourite street food of West Bengal is, this remarkable creation would be number one in most peoples opinions I would imagine. They are typically stuffed with spiced paneer, chicken or my favourite, mutton. It is a simple creation with a big reputation, so check it out and judge for yourself when you get the chance.



Puri Sabji

puri sabji is a classic favorite street food in west bengal.


Puri Sabji is a typical North Indian breakfast that is insanely delicious. The puffy slices of bread are made from wheat flour and the potato curry is made from well….. potatoes. You can find this dish to be sold all over the state and does not necessarily originate here. I Include this dish as it is one you certainly will not want to miss while travelling in West Bengal. 



Pani puri

pani puri is one of my favorite street foods in west Bengal.


Pani puri may sound very similar to puri sabji, but it is vastly different. It is another dish with confusing origins, to find out more, click the link provided. These are hollow deep-fried balls of dough that are filled with something incredible and then dipped in something else unbelievable. Classically it is filled with potato and dipped in chutney, but it stands to reason that there are many variances on a theme. 



Ghugni Chaat

this could be the very best street food in West Bengal


No airbrushing is needed here! This is Ghugni Chaat in all its natural glory. It might not look like much but trust me when I say your palette is in for a treat! Here is a dish that is iconic to Kolkatta and indeed to West Bengal. It is spiced dried white chickpeas, tamarind and onion. It is sometimes served with puri, naan, dried or by itself. No matter what you order, you are unlikely to leave disappointed with this one.



In summary of my blog on what is the famous street food of West Bengal.

I know some locals reading this would be huffing under their breaths, thinking this is not our best food and a couple of my suggestions are not even uniquely Bengali. I am well aware of this, but my post is aimed at visitors to this state and these really are the stand out dishes, in my humble opinion. When it comes to food, it is all a matter of taste, after all. My five suggestions certainly seem to appeal to the masses and are a safer bet for sure.

Well, I hope you enjoyed me answering what the famous street food of West Bengal is and I hope you have found my explanation to be satisfactory. If you happened to like it and would like to read more posts like it, check out some of my other titles. They include Rajasthani food, Mughlai food, Mughlai sweets, South Indian food, and the best food in New Delhi. Alternatively, if you want one chunky post to get your teeth into, then have a look at my epic-sized blog on where to get the best food in India.

I am trying to keep my blogs short and sweet, as I know you all have hectic lives to get on with. However, if you happen to have any questions on this or any other topic regarding Indian travel, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you. So I think that will do for now, so I will see you in the next post, guys and have a great day. 😀



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