What's so special about Sri Lanka?
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What’s so special about Sri Lanka?

Now here is a post that is easy to write! What’s so special about Sri Lanka? There are oodles of reasons to visit this incredible country, but this post can only be so long and you only have so much time, so I will list nothing but my absolute favourites.

Sri Lanka is a comparatively tiny island, but it packs an incredible punch. With an ideal tropical climate and in complete isolation from the rest of the world, Sri Lanka has developed landscapes, cultures, wildlife and cuisine quite unlike anything you will find anywhere else. 

I have heard travellers dismiss Sri Lanka many times as being the same as Tamil Nadu in India. 😒 Umm no? The two places are utterly different and I think that is wholly unfair. Travellers have been flocking to its shores for centuries and leaving with tales of the fantastic. The beautiful thing is that the truth is so much better than the fiction and now I will walk you through the key reasons why I believe Sri Lanka should be on your bucket list.

Sri Lanka’s beaches.

Sri Lank's beaches have to be some of the prettiest in the world.


Sri Lanka’s beaches come in every conceivable form. Blessed with mile after mile of uninhabited stretches of coastline, here is a country that is not short of space for you to enjoy its splendour. It seems surreal you can sometimes get these places almost completely to yourself. You can still find plenty of rustic bamboo bungalows to rest your head in and for those who feel like indulging in some luxury, there is plenty of that as well. 



Sri Lanka’s wildlife.

Sri Lanka's wildlife makes the Island special


Sri Lanka’s wildlife is a massive draw because it is so damn impressive! The country positively drips with biodiversity and it is visible where ever you go. There are 125 species of mammal, 227 species of bird, 185 species of reptiles, 122 species of amphibians and an undetermined number of insects making this country a wildlife enthusiasts paradise. What’s more, a lot of this incredible diversity is endemic to the Island. 

Sri Lanka’s landscapes.

Sri Lanka's Landscapes make it special


Sri Lanka’s Landscapes are simply awe-inspiring. Sometimes it can feel like you are in the movie set of Jurrasic Park when you see just how lush and primordial it can all feel. For me, if ever you needed to know what’s so special about Sri Lanka, the islands magnificent landscapes would have to be top of the list of reasons.

Sri Lanka’s dynamic weather patterns have given rise to a multitude of different landscapes that allow wildlife to thrive. Ranging from the comparatively arid regions of the north to the lush rainforests in its core, there is something here for everyone. 



Sri Lanka’s food.

Sri Lanka's food makes it Sepcial

Sri Lank’s food is simply out of this world. It would be hard to find a bad word to say about it. Pretty much every meal I had there was delicious and it has to be one of the things I miss most about travel there. The food is robust and complex in flavour from the liberal use of spices. From delicate hoppers for breakfast to the iconic chicken curry for dinner, Sri Lanka can not fail to tantalise your palate. Just remember to bring your finest stretchy trousers when you visit. 

Sri Lanka’s awesome ingredients.

Sri Lanka's ingrediants makes it special


Sri Lanka’s awesome ingredients are second to none and are what gives the country amazing cuisine its vibrancy. We have all heard of Ceylon tea and it has become ubiquitous with the country the world over, but there is so much more. No Sri Lankan curry would be complete without the sizzle of mustard seeds, cardamom or curry leaves.




Sri Lanka’s culture.

Sri Lankas Culture makes it special


Sri Lanka’s culture is quite unlike anything else. The timeless Buddhist traditions are intoxicating. Despite the country hurtling into the twenty-first century, the tiny nation has held on tightly to its traditions. With Islam practised widely in the north and small pockets of Hinduism to be found sporadically throughout the country, the cultures here are sure to leave a lasting impression on your soul. 



Sri Lanka’s historical places.

Sri Lanka's Hirstorical places makes it Special


Sri Lanka’s historical places are incredibly numerous, considering the size of the country. Well, with over 35,000 years of human history, it’s only natural to expect us to leave some kind of footprint, surely? It would almost be a crime to visit Sri Lanka and not visit even one of these spectacular places. Your biggest issue will probably be choosing what one you want to see first. 



Sri Lanka’s people.

Sri Lanka's people makes it special



Finally, Sri Lanka’s people are sure to leave a lasting impression on any traveller to this land. There is a laidback way of life on the island and it is a stark contrast to India. If you have just arrived from there, you will almost instantaneously feel the steam begin to realise from your ears. Here you will find a gentle and welcoming culture that is completely unique. 



In summary of my blog on what’s so special about Sri Lanka?

Well, this was a delight to write and I did not struggle for a moment on what to write. I can honestly say this country is something special. I firmly believe that there is something here for everyone and I wholeheartedly recommend travel to this whimsical island.

As a blogger myself, it is incumbent on me to have a look at what other people are writing when answering the same question as I have to make sure I am both giving you the information you need and making it unique. Well, when I read other peoples posts on what’s so special about Sri Lanka, things, like there are plenty of luxury hotels, seems to come top of the list? Ummm….. sure, that’s lovely, but there is no need to stretch things as the island offers so much!

You can rest assured every word I have written here has been sincere and well researched. That will always be integral to my site. I like to always be transparent with my readers as I want you to feel like you can trust me, so please feel free to check out my about the author page to find out more. With that said, I think that is enough to at least sow the seeds of curiosity for anyone wanting to find out the answer to this fundamental question, so I will see you in the next post.


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