Where should I stay when visiting Hampi?

Where should I stay when visiting Hampi?

It is common knowledge that this place is absolutely massive! So where should I stay when visiting Hampi is an important question, and I am here to answer it for you. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about where to stay based on what suits you. I will not be recommending hotels as that is down to you to choose. I am just one man with one opinion after all and that is what trip advisor is for right? As you may have come to expect from my work this blog will be a little different.

There are three key places to stay when visiting Hampi, and they are all very different. First, Hampi Bazar is the most popular and with the best amenities. The Second is Virupapur Gaddi. It is laid back and has a deep hippy vibe about it. Finally, Anegundi is rustic and deeply rural. The question is what setting suits you best?

That is what my post will be all about. To help you work out where you want to spend your time and where to invest your money. Before we start, I will say No matter where you decide to stay, remember from November to February is the best time to visit. If you decide to come at this time, it is wise to book ahead by phone or online. I do not recommend booking online normally, but Hampi gets really, really busy, so beware. You are not the only person who wants to come and see these whimsical ruins and stay in these hotels.

This map should help you appreciate where things are for when you are choosing where to stay in Hampi.

Here is the standard Issue tourist map. This map should hopefully put everything into perspective of where everything is. It should also highlight how long it will take to see things here, so where I should stay when visiting Hampi is an important question. 



Places to stay in Hampi Bazar

When it comes to places to stay in Hampi Bazar, you are almost spoiled for choice. Well, as long as you don’t visit in the peak season that is. I came at this time without booking, so I can confirm you will have to take whatever beds are available in whatever guest house and not your chosen place. I was grossly overcharged for a bed until a room came up in the location I wanted.

However, there are many options here, and many offer a cosy and well-organised stay. The significant advantage of staying in Hampi Bazar is it is close to the bus stop and cheap to get to and from the area. For information on transport around Hampi, check out my post on that. The main Bazar is also near many of the area’s key attractions.

Now for the big downside to staying here for me anyway. I want always to be honest with my readers and don’t want to say something that is not true. In the guide books, the restaurants are mostly connected to guest houses and hotels. They all seem to claim to have multi-cuisine food? What that really means is one carbon copy of a menu to another and all selling essentially the same thing. It was all seriously underwhelming, even the local cuisine.

How do you travel in Hampi and where is a good place to stay? these are good questions

Hampi Bazaar is right next to an active temple, and that means the food is vegetarian and meat is strictly off-limits. That is not normally a problem, but where every hotel sells the same bland smoosh it quickly becomes one. I found it really tough to eat here. I mention this in a post about where to stay as the food a hotel sells is normally a good indicator of how long I will be staying. Unfortunately, Hampi is Awsome, and there will be no alternatives. You will just have to grin a bear it. The stunning architecture you see in the picture above is just one reason people come here. To learn about 4 more simply follow the link provided. 



Places to stay in Virupapur Gaddi.

There are also oodles of places to stay in Virupapur Gaddi. It is just across the river from Hampi Bazar but tends to draw a quite different crowd. The people who head here are often looking to stay a little longer than most and want to just “chill out.” That means you can find some of the cheaper beds in Virupapur Gaddi, but that also means they turn over very slowly. Especially in the high season, so book ahead if this is where you can see yourself.

It is not really my cup of tea here, but if you like a laid back hippy vibe, then this will be your jam. With bright hammocks and thatched huts everywhere. It is a heaven for those who are not in a rush. I hear the sunsets are good, and it is considerably more peaceful than Hampi Bazar. It is touted as rural, but I think that may be a step too far in my humble opinion.

Boats cross the river throughout the day, and they are very reasonably priced. Bear in mind that if you need one after dark, the cost will increase dramatically even though it is only a few metres. The truth is that you probably won’t need to move anywhere after sundown anyway.

here is one of the reasons why you will be asking why would you be investing in a place to stay in Hampi at all.

Here is a picture of the incredibly scenic Tungabhadra river that runs right through Hampi. Needless to say, if you come here when it is raining, it will be wise to invest in a hotel with mosquito nets. You will have an uphill job keeping the wildlife out of your bed otherwise. By the way, if these pictures are not enough to stimulate your interest, then please feel free to read my post on what’s so special about Hampi.

Places to stay in Anagundi.

If you are looking into places to stay in Anagundi, You will have to get used to the idea of there being none of the tourist amenities that are in abundance just a few kilometres away. However, if you are good with that, then I wholeheartedly recommend staying here. The lonely planet touts it as an ancient fortified village that predates much of the rest of the UNESCO heritage site. Well, yes, there are a few historical ruins here, but mostly it is a traditional rural village that is a far cry from the tourist ghetto of Hampi Bazar.

It is mostly homestays and small family-run guesthouses. You can expect tasty homecooked food and a glimpse into what it’s like to live in a rural village in Karnataka. This place is way more relaxed and authentic than just about anywhere else in the area. There are no loud bars after hours and not a tout in sight.

However, this tends to be more expensive, and you will have to negotiate how to get there in the first place. You can hire a rickshaw to take you here, but the cost might set you back a few rupees as it is quite far. Alternatively, you can walk to the jetty from the Bazar, but don’t let that map fool you, that is a few kilometres. However, it is without a doubt one of the best walks to be had in Hampi. In truth, the baking Indian sunshine makes it far easier on paper than in reality.

Once you are here, access to the sacred centre is just a short boat ride away. You are unlikely to want to leave to be fair. The peace and quiet will be a far cry from what is happening a few kilometres downstream.

Beautiful examples of artwork like this is why people want to know about where to stay in Hampi

People fly in from around the world to see the ancient artwork. Hence the need for my post, where should I stay when visiting Hampi? Even though some of these masterpieces were created centuries ago, they sometimes seem like they were created yesterday. This voluptuous lady is an example of some of the racy artwork that adorns some of the timeless monuments. For more reasons to visit Hampi, simply follow the link provided.

In summary of my post on where should I stay when visiting Hampi?

Since you are likely to be spending a few nights here, asking yourself where I should stay when visiting Hampi is a fundamental question that deserves some attention. Where you decide will greatly affect the outcome of the experience as I would imagine you can tell. There is a lot of options so you can choose what is right for you.

This is the last post in my epic series about Hampi. If you can’t find the answer to whatever question you are looking for, simply follow the links provided to my many posts. Alternatively, leave your questions below, and get back to you. With that said will see you in the next post.

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