Which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan?

Which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan?

While this part of India has some of the most iconic destinations on the whole subcontinent, you can’t help but ask which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan? We have all heard of the romance of Udaipur or the grandeur of Jodhpur, but how do we get away from the crowds?

The good news for travelers to this whimsical corner of the universe is that there are stacks of places that are no less incredible but see far fewer tourists. I will share with you a few places that you can go to get away from it all. I have enjoyed way more places in Rajasthan than I can write about in just one post, so I will just stick to my absolute favs.

Of course, the big hitters are famous for a good reason, and I wholeheartedly recommend visiting them. I also suggest checking out some of Rajasthan’s underdog destinations for that authentic flavor. Let’s talk about which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan, and why not see if you can involve them in your travel plans.

India is blessed with a number of places where you will not find any tourists

Here is a picture of Ranakpur in the summer. This is normally a lake area, but now it is the only part that is still green in the blistering sunshine. Just look how beautiful it is here, and there are no tourists.

Travel to Ranakpur.

Most people travel to Ranakpur for the spectacular Jain temple (Chaumukha mandir or four-faced temple.) It is Composed of 29 halls, 80 domes, and 1444 intricately carved pillars. This place is sure to blow you away. The artists were reputed to get paid by the dust they produce for their work while chiseling. When your wage depends on such a thing, you can bet the result will be fantastic.

That would make sense, as seldom do you see such attention to detail anywhere in art. I understand that is a very bold statement, but wait till you come and see this masterpiece for yourself. It is only 200 rupees to get in when I was there last and a 100 rupee fee for the camera. No leather products and no menstruating women are allowed inside, although I am not sure how you would go around checking the last one?

The national park entrance is near the temple and theoretically is open, although I have never seen it with any staff working. The park is massive, so if you do plan to go inside, you certainly need a guide, and if you are caught without a ticket, you could be heavily fined.

There is a very blurred line as to where is a national park and where it isn’t, in all fairness. Local people tell me it’s ok to walk around Shivika lake, but don’t go too far as you will be inside the park’s boundaries, but how far is too far? The lake on the other side of the road is definitely not in the park as it is considered farmland. You will have a chance to see some impressive wildlife and it is well worth spending the night here.

Ranakpur is definitely one of those places that is best for low key travel in Rajasthan.

Well, that is just me discovering the places I am writing about. Ironically that picture is of the same area as above only in September. There are pros and cons whenever you decide to travel here. To find out what time is best for you to travel to Rajasthan, simply follow the link.

To access Shivika lake is easy as you follow the clearly marked path from the guesthouse with the lake’s namesake to the viewing platform. Sometimes domestic daytrippers come here and play their music super loud, sending anything living fleeing into the undergrowth, which can be frustrating.

The park is home to sloth bears, nilgai, softshell turtles, leopards, wolves, and more than 200 species of birds. Many animals can be seen right from your hotel. What you see depends not only on your luck, but it seems the time of year.

There is a small tribal village situated one kilometer from the temple, and the culture is fascinating to experience. The villagers tend to be very friendly and keen to get tourists into their modest homes for a cup of tea.

The whole experience tends to be a little pushy as it will end in a donation, but remember, the people are impoverished, and your money will be going to people who need it. I always give generously as it’s nice to see a side of India that would otherwise be very hard to experience for yourself.

The people are devout Hindus, and all work in agriculture. They grow crops and raise livestock to be self-sufficient. As you can see from the picture, the lakes dry up in the summer months and provide fertile arable land even in the height of the Indian summer. The lake’s green area stands in the monsoon provides a stark contrast to the surrounding harsh landscapes. It will provide any traveler who gives these places the time of day with one photographic opportunity after another.

Travel in Rajasthan-10 essential tips. You will enjoy discovering this place

Shekhawati is unique in every way. The timelessness of the culture makes your trip here unforgettable. It can feel a world away from the one you came from.

Travel to Shekhawati.

When it comes to answering the question, which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan travel to Shekhawati would be at the top of the list. It is not a town in as much as it is a whole district.

The area is famous for its artwork and the numerous ancient Havelis. It would take you weeks to see it in depth, so unless you have that, it will be best to pay for a taxi to drive you around just a few of the highlights. Even if you are not wild on art, you will find it hard to be bowled over by the people’s talents here.

When I came, I based myself in Nawalgarh. It is a town that has been described as untouristy in the guide books. That means nothing here as I spent a fortnight in Shekhawati and didn’t see another tourist in any town for the whole time. It is an absolute pleasure to see the traditional way of life and try and soak up the bliss that is Shekhawati. It is only a short bus journey north of Jaipur, so it would be easy to include this in your itinerary.

This might be an underdog destination in Rajasthan but there is definitely something here worth discovering.

This might not be one of the big-hitting national parks in Rajasthan, but that is not to say there is nothing there for you to discover. Just look at these two beauties. They thought my camera lens was Mumma with something tasty, but no, it was just me. To find out about the star of the show here in Rajasthan, check out my blog on Ranthambhore. It is a must for any nature lover.

Travel to Khaleodeo Ghana National Park.

Travel to Khaleodeo Ghana national park In my post on which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan, I also want to cover natural spaces so my readers can get a little slice of the natural treasures here.

This tiny national park is only 29 Square kilometers, but it is regarded as one of the most important bird breeding sights in the world. Over the monsoon period, much of the park becomes submerged. By October and February, The park plays host to scores of migratory birds from Afghanistan to Siberia, including the incredibly rare Siberian crane. There are 366 species of birds in the park, and some are very conspicuous indeed.

Many people say there is no point coming here outside of the peak season. For me, this is one of the national parks closest to Dehli, and that is a big draw when you want to escape the dust of the big city.

I have come often so that I can say with some confidence. You will see different species at different times of the year. That means if you do come outside of the peak season that runs from October to February, then you will get this place largely to yourself. Having that luxury is something you will seldomly experience in any of the countries premier parks.

It is inexpensive to visit and packed full of biodiversity, so for any intrepid backpacker looking to experience a little of India’s natural wonders, this park is a must. India’s wildlife, while incredible, tends to cost a fortune to experience, and Kheladeo Ghana is one of the few exceptions. So let us take a look at how to get the most out of this little gem without breaking the bank.

When talking about the underdogs of Rajasthan here is someone you are sure to meet.

Here is one ubiquitous resident of Rajasthan. You can find his brothers and sisters everywhere.

In summary of my post on which are the offbeat places in Rajasthan?

I hope you have enjoyed my post, and believe me when I say I could go on. I have another three destinations I am bursting to tell you about, but I can’t have you falling asleep on me now can I? Here is a good start to discovering the real Rajasthan and see this state in all of its splendor.

For some of my best tricks and tips for getting the most out of your time in Rajasthan, feel free to hit that link provided. If you have any questions about this or any other issue regarding Indian travel, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. With that said, guys, I think that will do for now, so I will see you in the next post.



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