Which is the best season to visit Kerala?

Which is the best season to visit Kerala?

Many travellers will be coming to this incredible state but which is the best season to visit Kerala? Here you will find everything you need to know about that question. To be honest, it is only natural to ask it as everyone wants to get the most out of their hard-earned money and even more precious time. As you may have come to expect from me, I will give you a no-nonsense and in-depth answer as it is not as clear cut as people would have you believe.

The peak tourist season is between October and February. Kerala has four distinct seasons, and they each have their own charms. These may not be familiar to many of us, so that I will talk about each one in detail. The seasons are the summer, winter, southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon. 

That’s right, guys, Kerala gets two monsoons every year! The epic deluge of water that falls on this part of the subcontinent is what makes it all so damn fertile, and it is all because of the Western Ghats. That is the beautiful stretch of mountains that run along with the whole state. If it weren’t for them, dry winds would make it a very different story for the people of Kerala. However, they are here nonetheless, and the government peddles Karala as gods own country. I have to say I would agree with this idea. So let’s take a look at which is the best season to visit Kerala for you.


catching places like this at their prime is the reason why we try and find out what is the best time to Visit Kerala?

Here is what a cool winter morning looks like on the dreamy slopes of Munnar. This is one of those destinations that do not have to cost you an arm and a leg to visit. For more information on how where to travel in Kerala cheaply, simply follow the link.

The winter in Kerala.

The winter in Kerala is definitely the peak season for tourism. The temperatures will be cool, and the land would have been drenched for months on end leaving everything lush and green. The sea will not be overly calm at this time, but it will be a pleasure to be by the beaches nonetheless. I mean, it’s India, so you have to use the term winter loosely. It is still baking hot, only less so.

The winter season runs from mid-November to February. You can now expect to pay peak prices, and you will have to share your experience with throngs of other tourists. This is not the best conditions to see the wildlife neither as the foliage will be far too thick, although it will be at its most beautiful now.

The summer in Kerala

The summer in Kerala is nowhere near as hot as in the north. Again, the western ghats stop the temperatures from getting too far out of hand, although things do become very dry. This is the best time to see wildlife as all the plants begin to die and you can actually see stuff. However, the sea will be pancake flat, and you can find your skin burned badly in a single morning, so beware!

There will be far fewer tourists at this point, so the prices for guesthouses will start to come down. Although in much of the south prices have become fixed over the years. However, you will still have bargaining room in places like Varkala that see mountains of budget backpackers. If someone was going to ask me which is the best season to visit Kerala? I would say the summer every time, but that is just me, and it depends on your needs.


everything is seasonal in Kerala. Even the customs so you will have to ask when is the best time for that as well

Well, here is something that people would never see as seasonal. I will have to include this in my which is the best season to visit Kerala post as some of the customs such as the legendary Theyyam you see in the picture only take place between November and April. Some people come here just for this, so I have to throw it in. For more information on this particular custom, follow the link above.

The southwest monsoon in Kerala.

The southwest monsoon in Kerala is what we all know the monsoon to be. This season runs from May until September, and it is when the bulk of the water will fall. I mean, it is heavy and relentless, especially at the start. You should also note that you will be subject to some epic thunderstorms at the transition between summer and the start of the monsoon.

The rains will roll in of the coast and head inland, drenching the mountainsides. At this time, some of the roads will become impassable, and many of the national parks will shut. In addition, a lot of the beachside hotels will close as who in the hell wants to go to the beach in a storm?

It is not all doom a gloom, though, as you get it all to yourself. Not just that, the rivers and waterfalls will be brimming, and it is now when life proliferates. I thoroughly enjoy travel at this time as I love all creatures, great and small, except for mosquitoes, of course. They can go to hell! Everything else is fantastic though.

The Northwest monsoon in Kerala.

The Northwest monsoon in Kerala is also known as the retreating monsoons. If you are here, it would be not easy to distinguish between the monsoons as it would all feel like one big downpour, but they are distinct weather systems. It runs from September until November, and the party just does not stop. All that rain is why Kerala is so damn fertile, and it is essential to its well being. It can be hard to remember that when it has rained for days on end, but it is always true.

Not all the national parks will be open during the monsoon and that is something to consider when deciding when to come to Kerala.

The amazing Thattekad bird park is open year-round. Even if you don’t like birds, it will be hard to get swept up by the charm of this place. The biodiversity of the western ghats can not fail even the most hardened wildlife enthusiasts.


In summary of my blog on which is the best season to visit Kerala?

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, and I feel I have covered this question sufficiently. Please bear in mind that weather patterns have shifted across the globe, and it is no different in India. I Can’t stress enough that these seasons are not set in stone, but it is still a pretty good framework. What makes the question even more confounding is the answer really depends on what you would like out of your trip. There is no one size fits all kind of answer here, but my post has covered all of the big points you need to make an informed decision.

Kerala is a beautiful state with a lot on offer for those who take the time to see it. Good food, beautiful landscapes and heavenly beaches, to name just a few things that make this incredible state worthwhile visiting. Here is the link to the official government website for tourism in Kerala. It is actually a good resource of information and I wholeheartedly recommend you check it out.

If you need any more help with this or any other topic regarding Indian travel, then please don’t be shy as I love to help. I am also happy to take suggestions on anything you think I should be writing about next. I want my website to be interactive with readers. I think that is enough out of me for now, so I will see you in the next post.



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